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Terms and Conditions

On acceptance of this quote, you accept that you have read and understood the following terms and conditions and consent to be bound by their content.

These conditions may be altered by addition, retraction or amendment of clauses by Arcadia Property Maintenance without notification. Please read carefully.

1. Quotation

a. Works are limited to those detailed as per our quotation. Any associated works not detailed in the quotation will be charged accordingly.

b. Any quotation issued does not allow for consequences caused by hidden or unseen events arising from normal procedures. Hidden or unseen events are defined as those that are not visible or accessible to, or not made aware of at the time of inspection or quotation.

c. Arcadia Property Maintenance shall not be in any way or form liable for any damage to or repairs during nailing, drilling, cutting etc. to any part of the client’s property. If any unforeseen damage arises from these jobs as accidentally damaging hidden electrical wiring, plumbing, gas pipes or other objects during the workmanship. Arcadia Property Maintenance will not incur cost on the client’s property during the job

2. Goods and materials

a. “Goods” and “materials” relate to the purchase of specific products required for the job. Eg; timber, tiles, pavers, bricks, turf, paint, fit-outs, the hire of equipment, plumbing supplies and other products that must be ordered and paid for by Arcadia Property Maintenance prior to the commencement of a job.

b. Payment in full must be made by Direct Deposit prior to the delivery of goods and materials. Arcadia Property Maintenance is not obliged to deliver the relevant consignment of goods unless and until payment in full has been made.

c. Goods and materials not paid in full prior to delivery, and paid for by Arcadia Property Maintenance are charged at the cost rate plus 20%

d. Supply of goods is subject to availability

All goods and materials utilized and not paid for prior to delivery by the client remain the property of Arcadia Property Maintenance until payment in full is received

3. Quality

a. .If the client supplies any goods or materials to be utilized in the work, Arcadia Property Maintenance shall not be responsible for any defects there to, nor the quality there of, it being agreed that Arcadia Property Maintenance shall accept such materials in the condition in which it is delivered to be utilized in the execution of work. Extra cost incurred through the use of defective or inappropriate materials or equipment supplied shall be for the customer’s account

b. Tiles and pavers are not guaranteed against crazing, cracking, chipping or scratching and Arcadia Property Maintenance accepts no responsibility for their cleaning or sealing unless specified.

c. Arcadia Property Maintenance accepts no responsibility for colour variation, fading or distortion of goods and materials.

d. Unless included in the quote, Arcadia Property Maintenance is not responsible for the removal of rubbish from or clean-up of the Service Address

4. Returns

a. Arcadia Property Maintenance is not obligated to accept a return of goods and materials. A re-stocking fee of 30% of the cost of goods returned and cartage costs will apply to all returns accepted unless the product is deemed faulty at delivery.

5. Payment

a. Payment of invoices is required within 7 days

b. If client does not make any payment by the due date, Arcadia Property Maintenance may do any or all of the following;

i. Charge the client interest calculated on a daily basis on any over due amount at 2%, calculated from the date payment was due, until the date payment was made.

ii. Terminate any contracts between Arcadia Property Maintenance and the client and demand immediate payment of monies owed.

iiI. Reclaim possession of goods and materials without liability, negligence, or payment of compensation.

iv. Cancel any discounts payable to the seller and Institute recovery processes at the buyers cost and expense.